The Healthy Plate

A practical tool of
healthy nutrition style.


Vegetables should amount for at least 25% of food intake. The more variable the vegetables you are and the more variable the the cooking styles, the better. Of course pommes-frites cannot be counted as vegetables and potatoes themselves rank more as polycarbs.


Fruits stands for the second quarter of  the plate. It is highly advised to eat seasonal fruits of various kinds and colours due to their nutritional value. Fruits as in nutrition item can be replaced by eating vegetables.

Polycarbs are best natural. Foods containing polycarbs are e. g.: millet grains, oats, rye leaven bread or wild rice. It is important to cut on consumption of products of white flour which is an “empty nutrient”.


Proteins are best obtained from fish, legumen, nuts, seeds, fermented diary products, eggs or meat. Most of us benefit more from vegetable sources of protein. You are free to choose according to your taste or nutrition philosophy.


To intake fluids is best in form of clean water and teas without sugar. Softdrinks and teas with added sugar should better be avoided.

Oils and fats 

The most valuable fats are to be found in superfoods sucha as nuts, avocado or fish. Quality butter and cold pressed plant oils are also suitable sources of fats. Nejezte margaríny a omezte i další průmyslově upravené tuky a oleje.





On the whole we recommend to choose natural foods to prefabricated ones, to prefer organic food to poor quality mass produced foods or imported foods. Besides wholesome food one also needs enough outdoor movement, sufficient sleep, loving friends and good mood!