How to germinate seeds

How to obtain fresh vegetables of the spring right into your bowl.

Even the old Chinese already used to germinate seeds as these are a source of several valuable vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

klíčky ředkvička





The value of the gemmules is in the following:

  • they compensate the hyperacidity of the organism
  • add complex nutrients to the organism
  • they alleviate aging
  • they help to reduce body weigth
  • they boost vitality
  • they support metabolism
  • they strenghten immunity


Alfaalfa – is high in proteins, contains vitamins C,B,D a E and regarding the minerals, alfaalfa contents i. a. iron, calcium and magnesium

Chick pea – contains up to 25 pct of proteins, also carbs, fats, vitamins A,B,C, minerals: i. a. magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc

Lentil – contains high amounts of iron folic acid, copper and selenium. It has low glycemic index; includes vitamins of the B group.

Pumpkin seeds – these have one of the highest amouns of fat, mainly of the nonsatured fatty acids, proteins, vitamins A, B a E. It contains mineral zinc, iron, magnesium or phoshporus.

Pea – contains high amount of proteins, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins A,B and C.

Mungoose – contains high amount of proteins, vitamins B, mineral iron, calcium, magnesium.

Buckwheat (husked grains) – contains sacharids, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosporus, vitamins A,B,C, rutin. Buckwheat is suitable for diabetics.

Miscellaneous seeds – garden cress, sun flower, spelt, rye, radish atd.

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How to germinate:

We always make sure that that the seeds we use are made for consumption or germination, never for planting, as these tend to be chemically treated.



We choose one kind of seeds, we dip them into a bowl with water a let the seeds rest for a day, preferably in dark, until they become mellow. After that we pour off the water, we rinse the seeds a continue rinsing twice to three times a day on the germinator. We expose the germinator to a day light.

It is necessary to keep the seeds in constant humidity. Smaller or tiny seeds can be germinated on a napkin or a piece of cotton wool. Germination time varies according to individual species of the seeds. The gemmulas can be eaten longer or short depending on the species. The tiny seeds of the kind of alfaalfa, garden cress and mustard tend to produce eateble green leaves.

The gemmula and leaves can be used for

salads, soups, spreads, as a gritting for bread etc.