Massages and Therapies

03_budhaRecommendations prior to the massage

  • 2 hours before the massage please do eat only light food or drink only clean water
  • it is advised to take a shower in advance and avoid the use of antiperspirants, as these can negatively affect the effects of essential oils
  • in case you have allergy to any of the oils or herbs used, please tell us in advance
  • please also tell us in advance about everything you regard important (diseases, concerns or fears ..) as this will be conducive to your comfort and wellness, which will prevent any tension during the massage

Recommendations after the massage

  • it is advisable to avoid hard physical work
  • do replenish your liquids (e.g. clean water)
  • keep calm
  • stay warm
  • relax
  • do not take showes, as the effects of essential oils last over several hours after the massage has been finished

What can you expect after the massage

  • fatigue in all body parts
  • slight headache
  • chills
  • quick and more prevalent elimination (urine, defecation)





I use massages as a boost of both physical and mental health, to strenghten one’s body or as a means of regeneration from physical or psychical stress

I choose massages according to current state of my client.

Reflex Therapy (RT)


It is a diagnostic tool and also a method for therapy and prevention, during which pressure is being applied to flat areas of chosen body parts (e.g. soles of feet)

Reflex massage of soles renews the flow of life energy, harmonizes the activity of organs, helps organism enhance the function of blood and lymphatic system, helps the organism with elimination of toxins, strenghtens the nervous system and reduces tension and stress through relaxation.

Reflex therapies can be used for treatment of:

maigrain, back pain and intervertebral discs problems, joint pains, scoliosis, allergies and the like.




Fitness Massage

Recondition or fitness massage primarily serves to quickly deal away with fatigue and provides the organism the recharge needed. Massage is also of great importance as a relief after a sport performance and at the same time its effects serve as a prevention of permanent damage to the organism. The massage is focused on muscles and muscle groups. It can effectively give a quick relief to muscles and releases tension from the skin. It also stimulates local lymphatic channels that eliminate waste and lactic acid from muscles. Recondition massage stimulates blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to body tissues, it helps eliminate the exhaust stuff from metabolism, it also affects muscle tension and flexibility of joints, and it positively affects the nervous and mental system. During this kind od massage we use deeper grips and faster movements.

Effects of this massage:

  • it helps to regenerate body tissues and muscles
  • blood circulation is improved and waste is eliminated
  • the function of lymphatic and venous systems, i.e. the elimination of toxins and waste, is greatly enhanced
  • it helps reduce the pain of spinal system and improves its effectivity
  • gets rid of feelings of stiffness or tension
  • it is an ideal complement to regular daily exercise and activity
  • reduces stress, depression, nervousness, fears
  • releaes emotional blockages



  • malignant tumours
  • open inflammatory diseases of skin
  • varicose veins, venous inflammations
  • kidney inflammations
  • fever
  • contagious diseases

Massage with essential and eteric oils

Sense of smell is the only one of the five senses that connects us directly to the limbical lobe of the brain, where our emotional center dwells. A strong aroma can carry emotions. Inhaling essential oils has a calming and relaxing effect.

These oils serve as a good remedy for strained muscles. These oils also are able to level your energy, improve your mood and allow for better concentration.

This is a special massaging technique that applies rolling and releasing for activation of reflex points on hands, legs and spinal column.


Oils that I use:

  • Essential oils “DoTERRA”
  • Eteric oils made by “Just” co.
  • Essential oils Young Living

Effects of massage

  • brings relaxation, reduces negative effects of stress and boosts energy; it also improves the quality of sleep.
  • it encourages blood and lymphatic circulation, strenghtens the nervous system and assists digestion
  • helps the organism to deal with challenges (stress, virus infections etc.) as it boosts immunity
  • brings relaxation to muscle parts and bodily tissues
  • supports the regenerative processes of human skin