About myself

To make any change in our lives possible,
it is first necessary to change the way we approach ourselves
and our inner being.

Gabriela Zímová

My name is Gabriela Zimová, I currently live in Central Bohemia near the Orlík water dam in the vicinity of town Příbram.

In 2014 I entered the world of nutrition consulting and food suplementation, in 2015 I have added massages to my portfolio of services.

Few years before I used to work with physically challenged people. Doing this I acquired wide range of skills for work in social services. This work had brought me a deep realization of how important it is to perceive one’s own body and to listen to one’s inner feelings.

And here it was where my path toward changing the attitude to myself and to my inner self started.


My quest

My quest is to give support to anyone who decides to make a change in their life. I am open to help people find the right path to a happiness and fulfillment in life. The paths might differ but they always will have one thing in common: a goal chosen individually.