Price List


It is possible to cancel an pre-ordered massage via phone but this is possible no later than 24 hrs prior to the term scheduled. For a client who cancelled a massage late or forgot to cancel whatsoever, new term can be arranged as soon as the late cancelled term has been paid.

Thank you for understanding.

Price list of massages and services:

Reflex therapy

First visit including diagnostics: 90 minutes 800,- CZK
Repeated visit 60 minutes 700,-CZK
Patency of meridian paths + reflex back massage 90 minutes 800,-CZK


Fitness massage 60 minutes 500,- CZK

Gift vouchers in value of 500,-/650,-/800,-CZK

After buying a gift voucher you will get a bonus voucher with special price for another massage of your choice,

the value of bonus voucher being 100,- CZK.

Nutrition consulting:

Initial individual consultation

Is suitable for every client who decided to take the first step towards change of their eating habits and attitudes to their lifestyle.

  • Short introduction to what we should know about nutrition
  • Finding individual client’s needs (goal setting)
  • Analysis of client’s eating habits so far
  • Developing a new individual concept of nutritional regimen
  • Measuring of body values on the Tanita machine
  • Duration 90 minutes
  • Price 500,- CZK

Changes and alterations to one’s diet when being diagnosed with lifestyle diseases , allergies, hypersensitivity to particular foods and during miscellaneous health difficulties.

This consultation is suitable for all clients who suffer from bad health and who would welcome a change of nutrition and attitudes to their lifestyle.

(Crohn disease, osteoporosis, coeliac disease, eczema, insomnia, psoriasis and other diseases ….)

  • Evaluation of current nutrition regimen
  • Discovering of allergens (and symptomes)
  • Recommendation of an adequate long-term nutrition regimen (tailored to client’s needs)
  • Proposal of supplementation
  • Price: 500,- CZK

All consultations are done face-to-face.