Bioimpendation based method of measuring body index (BIA) on device “TANITA”



TANITA is a device that measures body index, based on the so called bioimpedantion method. During this method slight and almost nonperceivable electric currents flows through  clients body. It makes use of that the current passes through the muscle liquid more easily than through body fat that doesn’t contain any liquid.

The device is equipped with eight electrodes (four for legs and four for hands). This amount of electrodes ensures high accuracy.

Based on resistance of conductivity of ??? electric current (BIA) the device is able to measure real values of:

  • body fat percentage
  • body water percentage
  • muscle mass
  • BMI – Body mass index
  • DCI (daily calories intake) –This entails minimum energy your body needs in calm state for its proper functions (such as breathing, blood circulation, nervous system…) added to the energy your body neeeds to do your everyday activities.
  • Metabolic age –  The average age of your metabolism.
  • Visceral (belly) fat – the inner fat surrounding your vital organs. Increased amount of belly fat carries higher risk of  cardiovascular diseases.
  • Bone weight

The results of BIA analysis allow to: 

  • set appropriate changes of diet, movement and lifestyle tailored to individual needs of a client.
  • observe the efficacy of implemented nutritonal and movement interventions – to observe changes in body index / contents
  • to provide feedback – observation of the trend of changes
  • set the degree of being prone to lifestyle diseases – mainly cardiovascular diseases, obesity, osteopororis etc.
  • Implementation of adequate measures for health support, improvement of the current state or prevention of diseases.


  • Measures must never by done on a person with a pacemaker.
  • It is not recommended for the ladies in early stages of pregnancy to undergo this measurement.
  • The measurement is not recommended to be underwent in the period shortly before, during and shortly menstruation period.

To ensure the highest accuracy of results possible, it is necessary to take heed of these rules prior to the measurement:

  • 24 hours before the measurement to avoid drinks containing alcohol and caffeine.
  • 24 hours before the measurement not to put the organism to a heavy physical strain.
  • Two to three hours before the examination one should abstain from drinking and eating.

Duration: The examination normally lasts for two to five minutes.